Portraits are the windows to the soul.

Portrait photography is a visual art that describes the character or conveys the story of the subject. This branch of photography always involves a photographer and a human subject who play equally important roles in achieving a great portrait. As a photographer, you must be able to capture your subject’s emotions, thoughts, character, etc. As a subject, you should embody the character or the concept of the shoot, even if it means stepping out of your comfort zone.

It's the small details that make your portrait shine.

Many photographers associate good portraits with good lighting, proper composition, and proficiency in similar technical skills. While this is true, good portraits are also affected by good relational skills such as communication, empathy, and coaching. One without the other can result to a mediocre photo.

For example, a portrait can look good technically based on lighting, exposure, and composition, and yet look awkward because the subject looks stiff and emotionless. On the other hand, a portrait can look amateurish even though the subject looks authentic and comfortable because it’s underexposed and unfocused.

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